new2015Great Lakes Timbersled is your one stop shop for all your snow bike needs.  Our mission is to continue to grow the sport via individual buyers and expand our presence in dealerships surrounding the Great Lakes;  while providing the Customer service and quality that the Timbersled name was built on.

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We are passionate about our evolving Industry and are excited to share our experiences with our Customers.  Throughout our lives, we have been blessed to have made some great memories with family & friends on snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and ATV’s.  Timbersled has revolutionized the motorsport industry;  we are grateful to be a part of it and look forward to making some great memories for years to come.   Whether you ride a 250 or 450, two-stroke or four-stroke, these Timbersled snow bikes simply go anywhere, through any terrain with confidence, and they open up so many riding opportunities for our riders.  Anyone who has ridden a Timbersled will tell you that they are shocked by the ease of use and the amazing capability of these machines.  Demo rides and back country adventures will be available this season.  Please contact Great Lakes Timbersled for details.